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AISI 4130 Sockolet

AISI 4130 Elbolet AISI 4130 Weldolet AISI 4130 Sockolet
AISI 4130 Threadolet AISI 4130 Sweepolet AISI 4130 Nipolet
AISI 4130 Latrolet    

Piyush Steel is genuinely interested in presenting the large variety of AISI 4130 Sockolet. This is the very best and the useful range of our products and highly appreciated by our clients that all look for the best industrial products. We Piyush Steel are aware from the valued requirements of our clients that all give priority to quality and we supply our products in such manner to meet the same. Chemically, AISI 4130 Sockolet has large proportions of chromium and molybdenum that are added as strengthening agents. In terms of physical properties, AISI 4130 Sockolet differs slightly from other low-carbon steels in terms of density.




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