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With extensive support and assistance of skilled professionals, we Piyush Steel manufacture and trade Carbon Steel Fasteners at a diverse range. These Carbon Steel Fasteners are precision engineered to ensure high quality of carbon steel. These fasteners have dimensional precision and fine finished threading to suit the industrial requirements. Fabricated under strict quality control procedures, the products match industrial norms and standards.

ASTM A193 B7 Fasteners

Most of the time B7 studs are supplied plain. However, cad-plating, zinc-plating and blue Teflon are commonly seen on the fasteners. As a standard, many of the applications requiring ASTM A193 B7 Fasteners are higher temperature, and zinc & cad plating will fail and have issues well before the fasteners will. This is one of the reasons that heavy industry uses B7 stud bolts in plain finish primarily, and in Teflon finish for corrosive applications. This ASTM A193 B7 Fasteners have dimensional precision and fine finished threading to suit the industrial requirements.

ASTM A193 B16 Fasteners

Piyush Steel supplies ASTM A193 B16 Fasteners for high-temperature and pressure service. They are found much less commonly than ASTM A193 B16 Fasteners, but are still prevalent in the power industry, as well as oil and gas. Sockets are often found in pumps, casings, motor housing, turbines, and other applications that required an ASTM A193 B16 Fasteners rather than Fasteners are manufactured from ASTM A193 B16 Fasteners carbide solution treated. We manufacture these fasteners with great precision & Quality.

High Tensile Grade 8.8 Fasteners

Piyush Steel is manufactured to High Tensile Grade 8.8 Fasteners. To ensure the highest quality product is supplied, Piyush Steel test in India at a fasteners laboratory accredited for tensile testing of fasteners. High Tensile Grade 8.8 Fasteners are available in diameters from M5 to M36 in lengths up to 300mm in larger diameters. Carbon steel fasteners are available in most sizes as well. Customization services are available to our clients as per their specifications. These can be availed at industry leading prices.

High Tensile Grade 10.9 Fasteners

Being a quality-centric organization Piyush Steel offer high quality High Tensile Grade 10.9 Fasteners to our clients. These products manufactured with the latest machines and are sourced from certified vendors. Stringent quality tests are conducted on the products before we deliver them to the clients. The High Tensile Grade 10.9 Fasteners have, from a materials perspective, not changed very much during the last decades. They are regulated via standard ISO. The majority of all European, Singapore, and automotive manufacturers use these standards as their material and property specification.

 Alloy Steel Grade 12.9 Fasteners

Piyush Steel Manufacturer Alloy Steel Grade 12.9 Fasteners This standard defines property classes, the metric equivalent of a fasteners grade, that are almost identical to those defined by ISO, except for the addition of the 8.8.3 and 10.9.3 standards. These two additional standards are fasteners that have the same mechanical properties as their base property class (i.e. 8.8 and 10.9), but are made from weathering steel. With the unique characteristics of handling heavy amount of stress and load these Alloy Steel Grade 12.9 Fasteners are widely suitable for various industrial usages.







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